The 5 Best PBR Texture Sites

best PBR texture sites

Texturing can make or break your model, and sometimes sourcing the perfect PBR textures can be hard. In this article I am going to be talking about the 5 best sites to get PBR textures, as well as the pros and cons of each.

1. – Free has grown exponentially in the past few years, going from a couple hundred textures to a couple thousand. One big upside to using is that all the textures are royalty free and copyright free. The biggest problem with is that not all of its textures include all the PBR maps. This can make for more work, as you have to make extra maps by yourself. All in all, is a great site that I have used on multiple occasions and would recommend checking out.

2. Poliigon – Paid

A newer textures site, Poliigon has picked up a large following in it’s few years and rightfully so. Poliigon has thousands of PBR textures and is steadily growing. Just a few months ago, Poliigon started to include 3d models in its catalog, increasing its selection even more. The one downside to using Poliigon is that it is paid, coming in at around $12 monthly for the cheapest plan.

3. Texture Haven – Free

Next to, Texture Haven is one of the best free PBR texture sites that there is. Texture Haven only has 110 textures right now, but all of them are PBR and the site is relatively new. The site is also very well made for a free site and is very easy to navigate. I would strongly recommend checking out this site, for it is a great source of PBR textures.

4. Texturer – Free

Texturer is one of the less known texture sites on this list, but it’s still a good site. Texturer has both material textures and photos that are good as references. This is a really solid site, that pairs well with My only complaint is that there is not many PBR textures on this site and you would end up having to make your own most of the time.

5. Substance Painter – Paid

Lastly, we must talk about Substance Painter. Let me start by saying this; if you are serious about texturing, get substance painter. It is paid, but the results are fabulous and (in my opinion) the price is not unreasonable. At around $20 per month, Substance Painter is just a little bit more expensive then Poliigon and has way more uses. I would recommend at least getting the trial and experimenting with it, for this tool is a favorite of mine.

substance painter
Substance Painter

At this moment in time, we are lucky to have all these texture sites at our fingertips, making it so easy to find our perfect texture. Make sure to check some of these sites, as well as leave a comment with your favorite texture site.

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