The Best Places to Sell 3D Models


When you are trying to make money with your 3D models, one of the easiest ways is to sell them in a 3D marketplace. These stores can vary wildly in their customer base, as well as their rules. In this article we are going to be diving into which 3D marketplaces are the best for your individual needs.

Note that this list is loosely ordered, and just because one is higher on the list than another doesn’t mean that it is better.

1. TurboSquid

With over 680 000 3D models, Turbosquid is one of the biggest 3D asset store on the web right now. That means that there is a giant consumer base that will possibly buy your products, but it also means that there are many other models vying for potential customers’ attention. Turbosquid also has a very hefty royalty rate of 40% (50% if you sell exclusively on TS). This is a big part of your earnings and can make it hard to earn much any money off your models. You have to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if this is the store for you.


2. CGTrader

CG trader is one of the most highly regarded 3D asset marketplaces, right up there beside Turbosquid. This website boasts over 790 000 3D models on their store, topping the number Turbosquid has. CGTrader has a very big client base, but one that is (arguably) smaller than Turbosquid’s. They make up for this with their royalties. Where turbosquid was 40%, CGTrader is 70% to 80%! That means that you could sell nearly half the amount of models and make the same amount.


If you are thinking about getting into selling 3D assets, I would choose one of the last two, as they are the biggest and best out there right now. The next two on our list are smaller websites, where you may have less success, but less competition.

3. Sketchfab

Sketchfab is another big 3D marketplace, yet not nearly as big as the last 2. This is a marketplace offers a wide variety of models, ranging from free to multiple hundreds of dollars. Sketchfab has an incredible realtime 3D asset viewer, which is one of the reasons that the platform is so popular. As a seller, sketchfab offers an easy-to-use model uploader making for easy and quick uploads. They also have a relatively low royalty rate of 70% only taking 30% of your profits.


4. 3DExport

The fourth big 3D marketplace is 3DExport. This is another smaller platform that has over 200 thousand 3D models and 500 thousand members. 3DExport is an older website than some of the others, and the user interface definitely has some drawbacks. Unlike turbosquid and CG trader, uploading models on this site can have a steep learning curve. The royalty rate on 3DExport is 60%, just a little higher than Turbosquid.


If you are thinking about getting into selling 3D models online, then one of these marketplaces will most likely suit all your needs. Some we didn’t mention are Shapeways, 3DOcean. Always remember that when you start your asset store on any of these platforms, you will need to upload quite a few different models for you to begin seeing any sales. Good luck!

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